We recently installed over 20,000 ANSI Lumins of 5500º kelvin color perfect full spectrum Florescent and LED lighting. This results in superior color accuracy when evaluating the exact hue of both hair color and make-up. The base color temperature of 5500º kelvin is the same color as the light from the sun. Human eyes have evolved for millions of years to bias this color temperature as being the “normal” base color of white light. This lighting gives the stylists at Atomic Kitten Salon a major advantage over other less illuminated salons that have poorly lit or inaccurate color temperature fixtures.



The visible spectrum.
Wavelengths from 380–780 nano meters.

NOTE: The base curve is horizontal at 5500º kelvin across the full spectrum.
Meaning all colors at this exact point are equal in intensity.

Incand-3500-5500-color-temp-comparisonColor temperature comparison of common electric lamps.

To evaluate the color of dye or pigment under anything other than “White” light (5500º kelvin) will induce a bias resulting in a false interpretation of hue. Further complicating this issue is the fact that many other salons have mixed color balanced light sources throughout there shops that produces an array of multiple light temperatures making it nearly impossible to accurately judge the hair color and make-up.

At Atomic Kitten Salon all work station & wash area illumination is fine tuned to produce only full spectrum “white” light for critical analysis of colors. We have taken extreme measures and hired industry specialists to accomplish this task and take great pride in knowing that our stylists have the proper working environment to provide our clients with precise color evaluations.