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The video “Atomic PhotoBomb” is a promotional concept test shoot for in a joint photography project effort by… Eric James Swearingen, Andy Macdonald, Geovanni Monge, Maria Perla, Andrea Rentie forming the “mocha-paparazzi” each from their camra’s unique perspectives focused on models; Amani Smith, Jessica Franco and Dalia Ayyoub with Hair & Make-up by stylists; Ramona Potts, Maria Howell, Sandra Serrano & Jan Bishop Mills from Atomic Kitten Salon.

The short “3-D” black & white sequence in the middle of this edit, was created by using all the photographer’s independent cameras each with a slightly different parallax to our models. They shoot “relatively” simultaneously while standing next to one another then, in post-production the images were realignment & editing back into sequence create the “3D” practical effect.

Filmmaker’s NOTE:

More of this on-the-fly “Bullet Time”, co-op effect will be most definitely be explored in further video shoots (Too much fun not to!)

…So this is just part one.



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