Bakersfield’s biggest photo event ever!


EVENT: A staged Paparazzi short film shoot & Social Media extravaganza, Directed by & in Downtown Bakersfield. (Date yet to be determined) …but soon, most likely on a Sunday evening within the next few weeks …and if all goes well, again on Oct.4th during  the “First Friday” Event making for a live performance art piece sure to draw a huge audience.  

WANTED: Multiple Photographers and videographers to form a large “Paparazzi” hoard, all shooting their own DSLR Cameras having flash on camera surrounding one to three high Fashion Models with Hairstyle and Make-up from  …While the models take an evening stroll on the back alleys & streets of Downtown Bakersfield. Yes, models should also apply, but space is limited. This is one of those very rare shoots where we need far more photographers than models. Runway experience is a plus.

ALL PARTICIPANTS: will be required to sign a model release form and make copies of all images and/or video taken during the events available for post-production with the intent of creating a “Bullet-Time” type visual effect similar to that used in the “Matrix Movies” for the final video edit that will then feature all the photographers and models that shot each other on the opposite side of Paparazzi circle. The chaos of multiple flashes firing from numerous photographers will create stunning visuals!  Additional lighting from above using LED lights that follow this group during shooting at dusk mounted either to a DJI Utility Drone or an extra-long Micro-Jib Pole. Plus provides augmented lighting. GoPro video cameras capturing the bird’s eye view of this gathering along with various other camera angles will give lots of additional views of everyone involved. All participants will have dual rights to the images created that night and will be encouraged to post to their respective social media sites with “Provided Hashtags & Links” from each person involved in this project. This will have the obvious benefits to everyone’s internet presence by connecting the combined group’s current followers and building an online mega-audience. Full credits will also be included at the end of video of all participants. And a coordinated release date will be provided so that everyone’s images hit the web at once along with the finished video.

WHO WANTS IN? Please PM me on FaceBook with your contact information and if you are interested in being part of this project…


Thank you very much,

Eric James Swearingen Studio: 661.322.0913